The Management Team at U Drive Acceptance Corp.

Brian Berkenpas - President


Brian Berkenpas opened Big Deal Auto Plaza in June of 1990, and to date has been recognized as one of the largest pre-owned auto dealers in his area. He has originated over $100,000,000 in loans and has sales of over 400 units per year consistently. Mr. Berkenpas began his career in the sub prime market in 1993 by financing loans originated through his own dealership. He then went on to create U Drive Acceptance Corporation as a regional lender in 2013 to become the franchised and non-franchised lender of choice for subprime and hear prime auto loans in the Midwest Creating an effective scoring and loan pricing model from 15 years of loss data enabling effective prediction of loan losses, Brian suceeded in securing U Drive Acceptance as one of only 17 sub-prime lenders that are allowed on the widely used Credit Union Direct Lender (CUDL) dealer platform. He has also positioned U Drive to become a listed lender on Dealer Track and Route One. Brian attended Iowa State University with a emphasis on Business Management, and completed an internship with Xerox corporation before completing his NIADA Certified Master Dealer training at Northwood University. Mr. Berkenpas was featured in "Used Car Dealer Magazine" front cover article, as an authority on direct lending to consumers.

Jeremy Bennett - Chief Financial Officer


Jeremy Bennett graduated from The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business in May 2009 with a double major in Accounting and Finance. After graduation he went to work as a Staff Accountant for West Liberty Foods, one of the nations largest meat producers, producing 80% of all Subway restaurants' meat. Jeremy learned high-tech data analysis skills ranging from writing and building database reports to excel Pivot Tables and complex formulas. Jeremy has been on-board with U Drive since its inception in 2013, assisting with analysis and developing pricing models and underwriting criteria for the Special Auto Finance Venture.

Christina Breston - Compliance Officer


As U Drive Acceptance Corporation's Compliance Officer, Christina is responsible for leading the internal process for promoting and ensuring U Drive's compliance with laws, regulations, company policies, and contracts. This includes its compliance risk management and internal complaint reporting programs. Responsible for formulating and implementation of U Drive's corporate policies and procedures, including its Code of Conduct, Christina exemplifies the concept of 'individual benefit reflects corporate benefit' and has helped create a successful and collaborative organization. She attended The University of Minnesota.